Taking the Perfect Picture:

           The Visual Artistry Co

Every once in a while you come across images that just take your breath away.  Rahim’s photography did just that.  As I scrolled through his profile, I kept thinking, who are you? Can you take my pictures?!  His images are powerful, full of emotions, and captured with a very artistic eye behind the lens. They are not overly edited; they are raw and real.  I reached out to Rahim of The Visual Artistry Co to discuss his journey in photojournalism and to seek advice for creating memorable images during your time as an aroos.  Read his interview for some really helpful tips!


To see more of his work visit his website at www.visualartistry.co or on Instagram: @rahvsid 

How did you get into photography, particularly wedding photography?

As a photographer, my dream was to photograph intimate parts of peoples life with the most artistic and creative style as possible. I was tired of the typical Afghan/Muslim photographers that would provide low quality work for a high price. After diving into my first few engagements, I began my journey as an artistic, wedding photojournalist, dedicated in providing high quality images that display the raw, candid love that should be remembered for. Now, with more than 4 years of wedding photography experience, I decided to collaborate with a collective of creative individuals to incorporate videography as well in the Afghan and Muslim community

What are 3 components of creating the perfect image?

Good lighting, Great equipment and an artistic eye.

How can couples prepare for their photo shoot?  

Shot lists. Make sure you have examples of every pose and shot that you would like to see. You can even organize them for the

specific event throughout the day. For example, you’d like specific shots taken for bridal prep, another set of shots for first look, another set of shots for couple portraits, etc. Prepare beforehand and things will go smoothly on the day of.

What are some things to look for when couples are picking their wedding photographers?

Quality and connection. Make sure the photographer you are in contact with displays the highest quality of work. Most of the time it comes with a slightly higher price, but images are an investment. 50 years from now, you won’t remember the small details of your bouquet, or your grandmother smiling at your event. The images taken will be a tangible item for you to hold and admire for many years to come. The other thing you look for is connection. Will this photographer be able to understand and photograph your wedding the way you’d like for it to be taken. Have a connection with their style and relationship with you.

Picking the perfect location for a photo shoot is so important! What are a few points to consider when thinking about the shoot location?


Timing and environment. Make sure you are taking photos during the most optimal time. The best time is an hour and a half before sunset. This is when the lighting is softest and considered “golden hour.” Also take photos in the environment that best represents your personality. I prefer outdoors and natural environments for photos to be taken

As a photographer, if you can give a future bride and groom one piece of advice, what would it be?


Photography is an investment. Sure you can cut corners and save a bit by going with a local friend that owns a camera. 50 years from now you’d want to be able to look back at the images and feel love and happiness of the photojournalism that many professionals are able to capture.